A Division of Anvertech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Our Roots


Cezor is an Innovative brand by Anvertech Solutions Pvt Ltd, brings you extreme performance desktop pc for gaming and professional applications in INDIA. Founded in September 2015 in Mumbai, we have a vision to provide the best quality desktops custom made to perform for various applications. Each desktop is hand built and tested with applications that stress the systems to the max, hence giving out a robust and healthy system. It is made certain that each system is made to perform better than the industry standard.

Built in INDIA

Excellent After Sales Support


Professional Overclocking

The CEZOR Experience

When you demand high performance, professional build quality and excellent after sales support, count on CEZOR to deliver the best solution. CEZOR’s dedicated and personal support team meets your needs for performance, quality and support dependability.

Cezor is equipped with state of the art systems used for PC building, testing and modding to provide you the best product quality and support. Our works are implemented with a Quality Management System to ensure quality assurance to our clients. Cezor also offers custom based solutions for various applications based on our customers requirements.

Latest Technology for the Extreme Performance

CEZOR, offers the best by delivering the latest technologies as soon as they become available. We are daily updated with companies/vendors such as Nvidia, AMD and their AIC partners such as Gigabyte, Zotac, Msi, Asus, and others to provide you with advanced performance and reliability in every CEZOR system.

CEZOR systems are powered by the latest processors, audio, video, and memory capabilities to maximize your productivity and enjoyment.

CEZOR systems feature no proprietary components in a fully upgradeable architecture, this allows you to upgrade to future technology easily and expand the life of your system.

Benefits of owning a Cezor PC

  1. All Systems are Hand Built and tested in INDIA.
  2. Systems undergo exhaustive Stress Test to ensure durability.
  3. Professional Cable Management
  4. No Bloat-ware
  5. Fully Customization Options.
  6. Custom Color/Design options for PC Case.
  7. Excellent After Sales Support